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Gregory Damian is a 61 year old author, motivational speaker, health and fitness disruptor and an elite coach. His mission is help people live better, healthier lives.


Gregory holds three degrees and was enrolled in a Biomedical Engineering PhD program. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a certified Sports Nutrition Advisor.


In 2004, he performed 495 pull-ups in a single hour in a world record attempt, and he also won a half-marathon running race. In his 50s he won two bantamweight bodybuilding competitions. As a triathlete he was ranked in the top 8% in the US in his age group. At the age of 60 he stays in the best shape of his life.


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I turned 60 in September 2022. All of the pictures on this site were taken after my 60th birthday.


I hope you will find the ideas in this web site to be powerful, provocative, and valuable. However, I am not a medical doctor and this material should not be construed as medical advice. The ideas expressed here are my opinions. I encourage all readers to discuss with your qualified practitioners the relevance of the application of these ideas to your life.

Greg's Story

When I was eight years old, my parents moved our family from Buffalo, NY to Huntsville, AL. Southern culture was foreign to me. To me the other kids had a strange accent and I never fit it in. I was also small growing up. So, in high school, I was not involved in sports, but I also was not involved in social activities. I had terrible self-esteem and had no meaningful relationships with women. I was invisible.


I stayed in Huntsville after high school and studied mechanical engineering at the local university. Math and science came easy to me, but I was not passionate about my studies. To me, finishing school as soon as possible was my escape out of Alabama. I graduated in three and a half years while working part time the entire time.


After graduating, I moved to Florida, and I started drinking regularly. Fortunately for me, I met a marathon runner who encouraged me to run with him, which I did. I was surprised how good of a runner I was. My running friend introduced me to a friend of his who was a bicyclist, and I started riding with groups along the coast in Palm Beach County, which was a lot of fun. However, alcohol was becoming a problem for me. I saw that I could not run or cycle as well the morning after drinking. Perhaps this sounds obvious, but I had seen the affect alcohol had on my father and now the effects of alcohol were becoming real to me, and I did not like it.


One Friday after work, I had a few happy hour drinks. Afterwards, I was driving aggressively through I-95 traffic in my Mazda RX-7, but a voice in my head suggested that I slow down. I immediately reduced my speed to the legal limit and looked over my right shoulder to see a state trooper glaring at me. I was fortunate that I was not pulled over, as I was probably over the legal blood alcohol limit. That event powerfully impacted me, and I decided to stop drinking.


I exercised every day, and this became my new, healthier, habit. As I trained, I improved my athletic performances. However, my success in athletics did not improve my self-esteem towards women or what I could accomplish professionally. I only dated a couple of times in my twenties. I even left my job to go back to school to get an MBA and so I could date, but I did not date once when I was back in school. What I did have was a belief that if I took care of myself, some day in the future, my time would come.


Ten years later I was on a business trip with a female co-worker...


More in my upcoming book "Abs At 60. The Four Steps to Look and Feel Younger at Any Age."

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