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Elite Coaching Services

Are you feeling your age?

Have you let yourself go?

Are you afraid to look in the mirror?

Do you need a "high touch" coach to help you in all phases of your life?

For some people, life has got in the way of their health and happiness, but it is not too late to do change this. My Elite Coaching Services are not cookie cutter, set and forget programs. I will work with you to create a customized plan to meet your life goals including relationships and life events like retirement (what do you want to do and be when you retire?) and will work with you weekly to achieve your goals! You will track your progress daily and we will discuss successes and setbacks.

My Elite Coaching is expensive and not for everyone. The Elite six month coaching package is $5000 up front or $1000 per month paid monthly. Because this is a high touch program I will work with at most four clients at a time so space is limited. I also will donate 50% of this fee to the charity of your choice - with the caveat that you reach your goals!

Interested, or know someone who is? Let's talk!

I want to help you!

Let's make this happen.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

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Interested but have questions, "Contact" me.

This picture, in fact, all of the pictures on this site were taken after my 60th birthday. With my experiences and training I can help you achieve your wildest dreams.

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