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Bernie Floresca's Testimonial

Greg Damian was the perfect catalyst. I had not set foot at a fitness center since the pandemic. Food was my self-care during lock-down, and as the situation got better months later, I endeavored to mend my "anything goes" days. Or so I thought. 


I'm uber-active with many commitments -- I thought I was crazy to focus on my health, working with a coach amidst all that when an opportunity to work with Greg manifested. 


I call Greg my longevity coach. That is my focus. When he and I met, my weight was into my danger zone over 170 lbs. for my 5'10" frame. Despite eating a more vegetarian diet at-will, rigor with treats was virtually non-existent. 


With regular check-in calls and a Google Docs accountability log, Greg not only helped me lose 15+ lbs (I'm in new weight territory), but he's also got me back focusing on weight training, incorporating more walks into an uber-busy calendar, watching what I eat better and focusing on sleep (that's huge). Greg's got me on a holistic path that's included getting optional blood work that isn't customary for a doctor check-up (to baseline) among others. All of this happened in just two months, right before my 60th birthday.


Greg's down-to-earth coaching style, relatable demeanor, and being the ultimate role model for what he teaches makes me one happy client. His depth and breadth of knowledge, and his personal experience will catapult you to your results!


Bernie Floresca

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