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About Andy Katchmar


Andy at age 64.


Andy Katchmar, March 2023


Update April 2, 2023

Andy Katchmar lost 16 pounds since the first of the year! Congratulations Andy! Intermittent fasting and exercise were two tools Andy used.

Andy's new goal is lose the weight he did not lose, and to add another 5 pounds to that. His goal is to be 150 by his birthday June 8th. He will be 78 then and he wants to celebrate a new,  trimmer body. What an awesome goal and birthday present for himself. Andy's wife also got on the bandwagon and lost some weight. Together, couples can accomplish their goals.

Andy's doctor was also inspired by Andy's example. Andy encouraged him to get a copy of Abs At 60 and his doctor is going to reach Andy for diet and exercise advice. Andy's doctor had a picture of the two of them together so he could share with his other patients. 

Way to go Andy. I am very proud of you. (Greg Damian)

Andy's next goal as of Jan 1, 2023.

Andy is taking his weight loss to the next level. His goal for for March 31, 2023 is to drop 20 pounds. His intention is to move from his current weight of 175 to 155. He plans on doing this by intermittent fasting, eating smaller portions and eating healthier. He eats a protein bar for breakfast, a larger meal at noon, and very light dinner. He normally does not eat junk foods or breads when he diets.


It is amazing that most of us look forward to retirement until it actually happens. At that point we finally figure out that some of our identity is going to disappear. We all have to find new new things to keep us occupied.  Then I looked into the mirror. That can be scary. For me I had let myself go. I was fat, out-of-shape, and had several health issues.  These included fatty liver, joint problems, high blood pressure, osteopenia, osteoarthritis, and being pre-diabetic.  I was seeing three specialist:  heart doctor, rheumatologist, and a urologist.  I also had a family doctor.

My future looked bleak. We decided to move to a larger community to further our careers in education. We would also have better access to health care.  When I was moving everything into our home, I kept seeing myself in a mirror. I was a mess. I decided then that I had to make some changes in my life.

I joined a gym to assist me in losing some weight. Utilizing a treadmill and elliptical, I did manage to lose about 30 plus pounds. I was definitely feeling better and looking better.  I liked some of the machines there, also.  Eventually, I moved over to using the free weights.  Some of the other guys showed me the ropes on how to use them.  Before long I was getting hooked. I was starting to see some changes in my appearance.

Once that was done, the next step was to maintain and improve.  Surprisingly, I met the challenge. I was liking the new me. They had a personal trainer there. I hired him to assist me.  I had over 100 sessions with him. He pushed me to my limits. By the time this training was completed, I looked entirely different. I was muscular and fit. My trainer had a bet with a friend that he could make significant changes in me. He won. 

I have continued to improve and maintain since that time.  My doctor today uses me as an example to his patients.  I also do not need the specialists in my life. Those issues have disappeared. I am in great health today. 

If I can accomplish this at age 64 and continue the process at age 77, there should more guys who can do the same. It is now a lifestyle. It made a huge difference in my life.

Andy, 2022


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