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About Mahendra Bharti

Mahendra in 2021


Mahendra in January 2023

I was fond of fitness since childhood, but as my life progressed, my responsibilities increased. I got married, had children, and then owned the responsibility of my children's upbringing. I could not spare time for my health. Now the children have grown up and a lot of that responsibility has reduced. 


For the last 3 years I dedicated time to myself, so I will not be a burden on anyone in my old age. I exercise from 6 to 8 in the morning with full love and passion. I have to work continuously (and work it is necessary) to have physical strength. With physical strength, mental strength increases and I will have a comfortable life. 


Now by exercising I feel the changes in myself.


When I take my last breath in a healthy body I would like to say goodbye to my journey of life with a smile.


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